The October 11, 2023 Meeting Information

Mark your calendars, if you have not already done so!

We are all looking forward to our next 100 Men Who Give A Damn meeting.  Each of our previous meetings has been well attended, and the voting after the 5-minute presentations by the final three charities has been very close.  A good many members have been staying for the dinner and having fascinating discussions with the representatives of the three presenting charities.

Here is the meeting schedule:


Our next session will follow our successful format of the past with a cocktail hour prior to the meeting where we can all catch up, mingle with the presenters, and enjoy a cold one at the cash bar.  Everyone will get one poker chip at check-in, which will be used for voting.  The one-hour formal meeting will begin at 6:00 pm.  The agenda is:

  1. We begin our evening with a cash bar from 5:15 pm til 6:00 pm. Only cash at the bar, but credit cards are accepted for the dinner.

  2. Each member will check in at the registration and receive a special poker chip with which to cast his vote for one of the three charities shown above.

  3. Members who cannot make the meeting should send a signed blank check with a friend, and that friend will receive another poker chip for each friend's check shown at the reception desk. 

  4. If a member cannot make the meeting and doesn’t have a person to bring his check, he can mail his check and voting preference to Tim Rorris - TCS Software - 425 Metro PL N, Suite 400, Dublin, OH 43017.  Tim will cast their vote, and the member will be marked as paid.

  5. A report from the previous meeting recipient on how they used the donations from our previous meeting.

  6. Each of the final three charities will then make a 5-minute presentation with only a microphone. Slide shows and the like are not permitted, so everyone is on an even playing field.

  7. Following the presentation, each member will cast their vote (poker chip) into one of three boxes.  Our meeting committee will count the chips and pass the result to Steve Rose, our Master of Ceremonies, who will announce the selected charity for this meeting.  Members will then make out and deposit them in the cash box.  The selected charity should leave with nearly $10,000 in donations.

Future Meeting Dates

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Money Given To Date

Over $300,000