Our Mission

Our mission is to pool the resources of 100 men with intent to fund charities in Central Ohio for a meaningful impact.

About Us

How It Works

Our 100 Men group began in July of 2017, and in ten weeks grew to 140 members.  Membership is currently capped at 150. Potential members were captivated by the idea of helping smaller charities close to home, and the simplicity of the 100 Men concept - leveraging $100 individual contributions  into $10,000 or more.  

There are four, one-hour meetings a year at which a deserving, non-profit receives $10,000+.  100 Men Who Give A Damn - Central Ohio has no bank account, treasurer, president or any of the other typical overhead trappings. 100% of every dollar collected goes directly to a local charity.

There is no national organization,    However, there are over 400 similar organizations around North America and Europe (100 Men..., 100 Women..., 100 Kids...)  We are happy to assist anyone who would like to start a group in their area.

Getting Close to the Charity

Members get up close and personal with the organizations to which they contribute, and they watch the effects of their donations.  The organization that receives a donation, returns to the next quarterly meeting to explain how the money is being used and its effect.  We have already been amazed at the wonderful work being done in our area by many charitable organizations, most of which were unknown to us prior to 100 Men Who Give A Damn.